In June of 2016 “Believe In Your Budget “ was founded and born. We wanted to create a platform for individuals that need support with their financial journey. We take pride in making your finances the “TOPIC.” Believe In Your Budget has helped hundreds of families start their journey and we look forward to helping you next.

Who Am I

My name is Fanaysha White and I’m a Credit Repair Consultant, Certified Business Developer, and Saving/Budgeting Guru based in Richmond, Virginia. My financial journey started in 2016 when my lights were disconnected in my apartment with my two-year-old child. As a mother, it was my worst fear to experience a struggle that deeply affected my household, but shortly after I decided to make a difference in my community by utilizing my financial journey.

I was on the hunt for financial guidance but I came to a dead-end and realized I had to help myself. I wrote out my goals, added dates to my goals, and put in the work. Over the course of 2016, I learned how to budget, save, eliminate debt, and fix my credit. At the time I had accumulated over 40k in debt at 22 years old. That year alone, I paid off over 5k in debt, saved $2,000, and upgraded my credit score from 425 to 600+. That was huge for someone like me who was raised in the projects, a new mother, with no guidance or support. I felt extremely powerful!!

Core Values

  • Authentic
  • Honesty
  • Dedication
  • Fun
our mission

We specialize in credit repair , budgeting ,& building businesses! Start your budgeting journey with our free template!

What We Offer:

  • Budgeting Education
  • Saving Education
  • Business Credit Education
  • Credit Restoration
Company Goals
  • Help 1,000 individuals reach their CREDIT GOALS
  • Help 500 individuals create a budget 
  • Help 500 individuals start their saving journey
  • Help 500 individuals launch their BUSINESS 
  • Help 100 individuals become homeowners 

Why Believe In Your Budget?


Kathryn KayKares Jackson 
(Review from Learn to Save with Pennies Course)
I have saved $385 so far! (Adding $250 tomorrow) After the call, I decided to go through my clothes and sell what I’m not wearing. Thank you for the push!!!

(Credit Repair)
1st thing I saw was something from Credit Wise /Capital OneOpen it a bang I’m a 503Thank you so much!! You the bomb n better than Lexington Law

(Budgeting 101 Course)
Some things I learned from classStart a budget and stick to itDont loan out moneyNever spend or go over your budgetForgive yourself for past spending habit, start with clear mindAlways know where your money is goingAdd another stream of incomeHave fun with your budget don’t forget yourself#respectmyincrease

Shaqueenia Mckinney
(Review from Learn to Save with Pennies Course)
Thank you so much I appreciate and enjoyed the video and great information. I have put in a box 11.66 to be on the same page as yall. I am ready for this new beginning. I cant wait to save my first $100.

(Credit Repair)
Hey love !! I was in the 500 clubs on August 5th, 19 “LITERALLY” and now in just less than 30 days....600! Thank you !!!

(Debt Elimination Package)

Girl paid off $500 n debt and saved $700 in less than 30 days! I know this will make you happy

Ashley Reed
(Debt Elimination and Budgeting)

So I’m going to start by saying Believe In Your Budget has really changed my mindset. When I first started I was a little nervous about trusting advice from someone about my finances. But the advice was life-changing not just for me but for my daughters as well and I’m grateful that I started. I entered not knowing that it was extremely important to save and how it changes things. How being able to know the steps and process of eliminating debt and budgeting. Oh, and did I mention she also gave me the tools and necessary information and advice on starting my very own business, yes I said it my own business. She’s still giving advice and the necessary information to help me grow and build and I’m forever grateful that I started her program.

Saved 11,230
“That’s my goal! 20k saved that I do not have to touch! I have it but I gave it to God to hold for me until I can prove to him that I can handle it and I am ready to receive it! Manifesting all 2020!

501c3 Testimony

Hey boo! I hope this email finds you well - I have received my nonprofit status as of last week, and wanted to follow up with you. Thank you so much!

Anonymous (Credit Repair)
Woke up to my credit score going up 26 points! It’s only been about 30 days but my girl working!! Thanks boo! I definitely can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for me

Kiana Burrell
(30 Day Savings and Debt Elimination Program)
“Before I started working with Believe In Your Budget” I was really overwhelmed with bills and trying to pay off debt. I know that this wasn’t the life I want to continue for me and my son. But once I started with Believe In Your Budget I was guided with the tools of learning how to save, how to utilize my taxes, how to make my own money, and not having to live check to check. I think that Believe In Your Budget has (made a real) impact on my life and continues to each day.

Quanika Ogburn
(Budgeting 101 Class)
Budgeting class with Believe In Your Budget was great and I learned so much! If you’re making money but don’t seem to spend it right, one of her classes will definitely give you some great information!

(Savings 101 Course)
I’m so glad I took Fanaysha White saving course! I literally saved $800 in 17 days outside of my bills! I know it seems impossible but it’s very much possible. I hit $800 on Saturday and couldn’t wait to share the news with my budget trainer lol. I will hit my goal of 1K before my 30 days!Fanay is such a great coach and will really encourage you the entire way! Thank you again love! My next goal is to save 2K in 35 days, I’m confident that I can do it thanks to Fanay

(Credit Repair)
Big shout out to Fanaysha White she got my credit score up 45 points in a quick time frame!!!! She’s a blessing!! Thank you, can’t wait to reach my goal and grateful for her services!!!!!!!!!

(Budgeting class 101)
Blessed my entire life please go check her out she has great info and she is affordable

(Credit Education Event)

I had an great weekend participating in my friend event, where I thought I knew about credit but there were also a few things that I didn’t know. Two things I’ve learned was if you have a hospital bill on your credit you can get that removed ASAP due to violation of your rights/ privacy in other words violations of HIPPA Law. Secondly I’ve learned to always remember your due date and report date when your making any payments on anything just to keep records on when things will get reported to all credit bureaus. I’ve learned a lot more important information but that just to name a few.

(Business Credit Class)

I’m falling in love with learning business credit each session… OMG Fanay like this session was phenomenal !!

(Credit Repair) 
Good Morning!Hope you and your family are staying safe. I woke up to this increase to 604 this morning, Experian was 582 last month. Amazed, again thank you for all you do!

Meghan Compton
(Savings 101 Course)
I just received some POWERFUL knowledge from Fanaysha White. I have been following her for a while, watching her progress and seeing how she literally built everything from the ground up. So many times I reach out to her thinking I was ready to start budgeting and getting my credit together and still procrastinated. It took me awhile to forgive myself for my ways of handling money and NOW I am happy to say with the tools and knowledge she has provided I know that I will be at my goal in no time. She just doesn’t understand how she inspires me and I pray that weeks to come I can come back with my goal savings and provide my testimony to help others out. Thanks again so much for being YOU and inspiring me.